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I have accumulated a number of telescopes, lenses, cameras, and sundry adaptors over the years, and I have made a few things to help me make the images displayed on this site. 

My telescopes My Telescopes
Cameras My collection of cameras and lenses.
Electric Focus Control My home-made controller
for the electric focuser.

Mods to 840K Modification of a Toucam 840K
for Long Exposures, SC1.5
Piggybacks and adaptors Piggybacks, Adaptors,
Eyepiece Projection and
Afocal Photography

My wedge My home-made wedge
Building my first observatory
A new approach to dew control.
Building my second Observatory.
Collimating a Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope
Fitting a Meade focal reducer to
a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope.

Balancing the GEM with two telescopes
mounted side by side.