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I have been investigating the response of my DSLR in order to improve my pictures of the Moon taken using it.
Two new high-resolution pictures of the Moon for Day 21 and Day 25.  I have started to use a new technique to process these DSLR images and these pages link to a description.
I have added Day 15 to my collection of high-resolution images of the Moon.
The Sun seems to be becoming active again after what seems like a very long minimum in activity.  This is spot number 12786
I have added Day 19 to my collection of high-resolution images of the Moon.

I have also corrected a bad set of errors on the index page to these images.
Another new pictures of Mare Orientale taken four days after the previous one.  The libration is slightly poorer again but the lighting is much more suitable and much more of the topography becomes visible.  Click on the image to which the thumbnail takes you to see the full-sized image.
A new picture of Mars in which I have captured Olympus Mons.
I have a new picture of Mare Orientale also taken when the libration was very favourable.  It was taken with my ×2 teleadaptor lens on my LX200 with an IR-pass filter on the 9th October 2020 at 05.20 UT.
A picture of the far north during a period of somewhat unfavourable libration.  The picture covers the area from Philolaus to Anaxagoras latitude about 72° north
A new picture of Clavius similar to, but with the opposite lighting, to my first one taken 16 years ago.

A novel way to balance two telescopes on a single mount.
In 2014 we moved and I had the opportunity to have a new observatory.  This is the story of its construction written as we went along.
The full saga of my home-built, roll-off-roof observatory.
I have been trying out a new idea for control of dew forming on the front of my LX200 and DSLR lens.  This page describes the system and my results.