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I took a number of new pictures of the Moon on 27th December 2017, mostly along the northern part of the terminator.  Clicking on this link will take you to my Latest Lunar Images page from which you can see them all.
On 5th October 2017 the satellite Triton occulted a 12th magnitude star in Aquilla.  This is a very rare event and I was lucky to get a clear night.  This page shows you my results.
The rings of Saturn will be fully open this year and reaches opposition on 16th June.  I am hoping to obtain good pictures under difficult circumstances.  Here are my first pictures for the season.
My dome now appears to be rain proof, so here is the concluding page of the saga.
A novel way to balance two telescopes on a single mount.
A picture of the south-east quadrant of the Moon taken a couple of days after full moon and with a favourable libration.  It is a mosaic of three frames.
A new picture of the Pleiades using a DSLR and 70-mm lens.  Taken on 21st December 2016.
A picture of M42 taken with an unmodified DSLR camera.
I have added pictures of the Hyades, our closest open cluster.
I have a new picture of Orion, taken from a dark-sky site in Scotland.

In 2014 we moved and I had the opportunity to have a new observatory.  This is the story of its construction written as we went along.
The full saga of my home-built, roll-off-roof observatory.
I have been trying out a new idea for control of dew forming on the front of my LX200 and DSLR lens.  This page describes the system and my results.