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The Messier catalogue lists most of the brighter nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters and makes a common wish list for amateur astronomers.  However there are a number of similar objects that Messier missed, and in 1995 Sir Patrick Moore published a list of 109 (to match Messier's catalogue) such objects.  These include brighter objects missed by Messier and also objects in the southern sky that Messier could not see.  The list is ordered by declination so that Caldwell 1 is the furthest north and Caldwell 109 is the furthest south.  Sir Patrick called the catalogue Caldwell because his full name is Caldwell-Moore and the letter M was already taken my Messier, so the objects are labelled C.  This catalogue makes a useful list extending the Messier list.

Most, but not all, of the objects have NGC designations as below.  (O = Open, G = Globular, P = Planetary, SNR = Supernova Remnant.)

For a more detailed list see here.

CNGCOtherObject CNGCOtherObject CNGCOtherObject
1188O.Cluster 240P.Nebula 34236Galaxy
47023O.Cluster 5IC 342Galaxy 66543P.Nebula
72403Galaxy 8559Galaxy 9Sh2-155Nebula
10663O.Cluster 117635Nebula 126946Galaxy
13457O.Cluster 14869 & 884Double Cluster 156826P.Nebula
167243O.Cluster 17147Galaxy 18185Galaxy
19IC 5146Nebula 207000Nebula 214449Galaxy
227662P.Nebula 23891Galaxy 241275Galaxy
252419G.Cluster 264244Galaxy 276888Nebula
28752O.Cluster 295005Galaxy 307331Galaxy
31IC 405Nebula 324631Galaxy 336992SNR
346960SNR 354889Galaxy 364559Galaxy
376885O.Cluster 384565Galaxy 392392P.Nebula
403626Galaxy 41Mel 25O.Cluster 427006G.Cluster
437814Galaxy 447479Galaxy 455248Galaxy
462261Nebula 476934G.Cluster 482775Galaxy
492237Nebula 502244O.Cluster 51IC 1613Galaxy
524697Galaxy 533115Galaxy 542506O.Cluster
557009P.Nebula 56246P.Nebula 576822Galaxy
582360O.Cluster 593242P.Nebula 604038Galaxy
614039O.Cluster 62247Galaxy 637293P.Nebula
642362O.Cluster 65253Galaxy 665694G.Cluster
671097Galaxy 686729Nebula 696302P.Nebula
70300Galaxy 712477O.Cluster 7255Galaxy
731851G.Cluster 743132P.Nebula 756124O.Cluster
766231O.Cluster 775128Galaxy 78654G.Cluster
793201G.Cluster 805139G.Cluster 816352G.Cluster
826193O.Cluster 834945Galaxy 845286G.Cluster
85IC 2391O.Cluster 866397G.Cluster 871261G.Cluster
885823O.Cluster 896087O.Cluster 902867P.Nebula
913532O.Cluster 923372Nebula 936752G.Cluster
944755O.Cluster 956025O.Cluster 962516O.Cluster
973766O.Cluster 984609O.Cluster 99Dark Nebula
100IC 2944O.Cluster 1016744Galaxy 102IC 2602O.Cluster
1032070O.Cluster 104362G.Cluster 1054833O.Cluster
106104G.Cluster 1076101G.Cluster 1084372G.Cluster