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Each of my pages covers a season of imaging; that is from one conjunction to the next.  Generally this will include 1st January, so pictures on a page will be in two adjacent years.  I've keyed the pages in this index to the first of these years, so, for example, 2005 will include images taken in the latter part of 2005 and the early part of 2006.  Click on the image to see the pictures I took in that season.  All the images below were taken in the season to which they refer, so you can see how the aspect of the rings has changed over the years from fully open to the south in 2003 to fully open to the north in 2017.

Saturn's synodic period (that is the period between oppositions) is 378 days, so that opposition takes place about 2 weeks later each year.  Combining this with its movement south of the ecliptic during the years 2003 to 2017 means that the observing season has begun progressively later each year.  Eventually the start moved into the following year.  For me the 2011-12 season started in 2012, so my index below skips 2011.  Also I moved house in the summer of 2014 so that had to take priority over astronomy for that year and I missed the 2014 Saturn season completely.