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A note on the Lunar Day.      The definition of Colongitude.

I've divided this page into nine parts.  1, a page containing my most-recent images.  2, a page, itself divided into four, showing close-up pictures of craters and other features at varying scales.  3, a page showing the phase of the Moon for each day of a lunar cycle.  From here you can see some large mosaic pictures.  4, a page illustrating how the Moon may be imaged in the day time.  5, a page of pictures taken at Full Moon.   6, a set of images of the Apollo landing sites where men have landed on the Moon.  7, I discuss, briefly, the libration of the Moon.  8, I show some pictures of earthshine.  Finally, if you click on the little animation above you can see a brief discussion of the Earth-Moon system (but be aware, it loads a 428K file).

My Latest Pictures This page shows you my most-recent pictures.  They may appear here before they become available through my close-up pages, but they will be transferred there eventually (except for pictures of the Apollo landing sites which will appear on my Apollo page).    Close-up pictures of craters and other features.  The first page is an index to a large collection of images. The Moon on each of 28 days of a lunar cycle.
The Moon in Daylight On this page I illustrate that the Moon may be imaged quite successfully in broad daylight, and describe how I go about it.    I took a number of pictures at full Moon, some in exaggerated colour.    The manned landing sites
. Here I discuss the libration of the Moon.
The page loads a 547K demonstration.
   . Pictures of the total lunar eclipse on 3rd March 2007.    Here I discuss briefly the phenomenon of Earthshine.