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Six manned spacecraft have landed on the Moon.  I am collecting images of the places where they landed.  
Click on the image of the Moon to see the close-up picture of the landing site.

Three men went on each mission.  The Commander and the Lunar Module Pilot went down to the surface leaving the Command Module Pilot circling the Moon ready to receive them on their return.  Thus six men were left orbitting the Moon whilst twelve went down to the surface.  These six men must have seen more of the far side of the Moon than anyone else.

Apollo 11 Apollo 11 landed at 20:17:40 UT on 20th July 1969 in Mare Tranquilitatis, 0.068°N 23.71°E

Neil A. Armstrong, Commander
Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot
Edwin E. Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 12 Apollo 12 landed at 06:54:35 UT on 19th November 1969 in Oceanus Procellarium, 3.01°S 23.42°W

Charles Conrad Jr., Commander
Richard F. Gordon, Command Module Pilot
Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 14 Apollo 14 landed at 09:18:11 UT on 30th July 1971 near Fra Mauro, 3.65°S 17.47°W

Alan B. Shepard, Commander
Stuart A. Roosa, Command Module Pilot
Edgar D. Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 15 Apollo 15 landed at 22:16:29 UT on 30th July 1971 in the Apennine Mountains close to Hadley Rille,
26.13°N 3.63°E

David R. Scott, Commander
Alfred M. Worden, Command Module Pilot
James B. Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 16 Apollo 16 landed at 02:23:35 UT on 21st April 1972 in the Descartes region, 8.97°S 15.50°E

John W. Young, Commander
Thomas K. Mattingly II, Command Module Pilot
Charles M. Duke Jr., Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 17 Apollo 17 landed at 19:54:57 UT on 11th December 1972 in Taurus Littrow, 20.19°N 30.77°E

Eugene A. Cernan, Commander
Ronald E. Evans, Command Module Pilot
Harrison H. Schmitt, Lunar Module Pilot