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This is the south-east area of the Moon, south of latitude 34° south and east of the prime meridian.  It was taken almost two days after Full Moon, so the edge is the terminator, not the limb.  A picture that extends this one into the libration zone (albeit at a larger scale) can be found on my picture of the SE Libration Zone.  The libration was favourable for this area at -5° 21' in Latitude and +2° 50' in Longitude.

The picture is a mosaic of three pictures.  Move your mouse over the picture to see the names of some of the craters.  The scale markers are approximately 100 Km north and west and apply at Pitiscus.

Date and Time 15th March 2017 23:55 UT
Libration Latitude -5° 21'    Longitude +2° 50'
Colongitude 126.6
Camera DMK 21AF04
Telescope 8-inch Ritchey-Chrétien with OIII filter
Capture ICCapture 1795 frames, 1/54 sec, gain 779
Processing for each picture. Registax6, 48, 42, 42 alignment points, 100 frames stacked per alignment point, default wavelets 1-2 = 5.
Mosaic composed in iMerge, brightness reduced slightly and Focus magic 3 pixels in PhotoImpact.
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