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8 January 2018
Age 21.5 days
Lunar Phase: 278.4°
Colongitude: 164.0°
Libration: -4° 48' in latitude,
                +7° 56' in longitude

In the pictures taken on 27th December 2017 the Moon is about a day and a half after first quarter.  Twelve days later in the early morning of the 8th January 2018, the Moon was almost one day before third quarter.  This meant I could image the same areas of the Moon that I had imaged on 27th December but now the light would be coming from the opposite direction.  I thought that this would make for an interesting set of comparative pictures.  So rather than add these new pictures to the various pages where I put the earlier pictures, I have created a special page with the two sets side by side.  In order to do this on a 4×3 formatted screen I have had to reduce the size of the pictures from 630 pixels wide to 500.  I have included the mouseover images but the labels from the earlier pictures have not reduced very well but I think they are legible.  In any case they are largely reproduced on the companion image.

27 December 2017
Age 8.8 days
Lunar Phase: 72.3°
Colongitude: 24.7°
Libration: +6° 56' in latitude,
                  -7° 49' in longitude

The far north during a period of favourable libration
A picture from Plato to the southern end of the Alps.
A picture from Plato to the southern end of the Alps.
A picture of the lunar Apennines.
The southern end of the Apennines which end at Eratosthenes.
And further west to Copernicus
This is a mosaic of the five images immediately above
This is a rugged part of the southern highlands centred on Maurolycus

15 March 2017
Age 17.6 days
Lunar Phase: 323.3°
Colongitude: 124.3°
Libration: -5° 21' in latitude,
=+2° 53' in longitude

A picture of the south-east region of the Moon taken 2 days after full moon and when the libration was favourable.

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