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All my more recent pictures of star fields are now on my constellations page.  (They are generally much better than the ones below.)

The rotating Earth makes the stars appear to revolve.
The Perseid meteors reach their peak on 12th August each year.  I tried to capture one by leaving my camera collecting images all the night of the 11-12th.  Although I caught three aircraft, I failed to catch a meteor, but I did get some pictures of the stars when the clouds moved away (which wasn't for long!). Clicking on this thumbnail will take you to a page that shows one frame from that night and a mouseover identifies the brighter stars.  I also made an animated gif file from the AVI by reducing all the frames to half size and using every other one, but the gif is still almost 5 Mb in size.  It is available from the same page for those with a fast connection.
The picture was taken on 12th August 2005 at 02:14 UT with a modified Vesta camera with its original lens.
Click here to see pictures of six meteors captured the following night.