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The Sun is extremely dangerous.
Looking at it with any sort of optical aid will result in instant blindness.
Look here to see how I do it.

Please Note: On all the pages indexed below, I mention an archive of Active-Region Maps available from The Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii.  Sadly the Institute ceased to publish these maps in 2015 and their archive contains images only between 1992 and the end of 2014 (and the data in 2014 is incomplete).  This is a shame; I used to find the data very helpful in annotating my images and determining, for example, where the polar axis of the Sun was located.
Pictures of the Sun are available from the SOHO web site but in a less convenient form and without the sun-spot designations or the latitude and longitude lines.  However the designations can be obtained from NOAA.

Sunset on 18th March 2011 at 19:43 UT.
The picture was taken from the driveway of my house with a Canon 1000D camera at ISO 400 with 1/400 second exposure at f5.6.
The gamma of the picture was increased to 2.5 in PhotoImpact which made the foreground visible.

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