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Longomontanus Longomontanus is only about 300 Km north-west of Clavius, but somewhat smaller at 150 Km in diameter. It is deep in the southern highlands and about 3,900 million years old.  It has a relatively flat floor with multiple small mountains and three prominent craters, F, L, and M, within it.
The scale marks in the bottom left-hand corner indicate approximately 50 Km north and east.
The picture was taken using my LX200 with a X2 adaptor lens on 7th October 2004 at 04:08 UT when the Moon was 22.8 days old.

Lunar Phase: 262°
Colongitude: 189.8°
Date and Time: 7th October 2004 04:08 UT
Camera: ToUcam 740K
Telescope: LX200 with X2 adaptor lens
Capture: K3CCDTools. High gamma, 1/50", 40% gain, 309 frames
Processing: Registax. 104 frames stacked. Wavelet 1-3 = 10 Brightness -30

Longomontanus And here is Longomontanus in its setting in the southern highlands, taken when the Moon was 12.4 days old.

Lunar Phase: 28.9°
Colongitude: 61.5°
Date and Time: 27th March 2010 23:42 UT
Camera: DMK 21AF03
Telescope: LX200
Capture: ICCapture. 1/91", gain 870, gamma 10, 2858 frames
Processing: Registax. 7 alignment points, 396 frames stacked. Wavelet 1-2 = 10
  Focus Magic 2,100. PhotoImpact Brightness -40
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