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This is me with my wife, Valerie. This picture was taken just before our son's wedding in August 2002. Valerie and I, 2002
This is my immediate family, taken outside the church just before our son's wedding. From left to right, my wife, Valerie, our son, David, our daughter, Anne, and myself. My family, 2002
And now my extended family. This picture was taken at Christmas 2002. I have taken such pictures for years, but this is the last (at least until grandchildren add to the family). Technology took over; our electronic camera doesn't have a wide enough field, and I didn't feel inclined to buy film just for this shot.
From left to right, my wife, Valerie, myself, our son, David, our daughter-in-law, Antonia, our daughter, Anne, and our son-in-law, Mike. David runs a sports complex, Antonia is a teacher of dance, Anne is a freelance copy editor and proof reader, and Mike teaches Maths.
My extended family, 2002
The family has expanded.  On 26th August 2006 at 0430 UT our daughter gave birth to the first of twin girls.  Here they are at the age of 14 hours, Rachel on the right and Elizabeth on the left.
And here we all are four years later at a little celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary.  Clockwise from the front, Rachel, Mike, Antonia, David, Anne, Elizabeth, myself, and Valerie.
And then there were three.  Kieran Michael, born 12th May 2011.
And now there are four.  Aidan Matthew, born 29th December 2011.

And finally my autobiography is here.