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JupiterAnimation.gif An Animation of Jupiter showing the shadow of Callisto passing across the face of the planet.
The Great Red Spot is also visible.
25th March 2003, one frame every 15 min from 1912 to 2207 UT.
Warning! 185K file.
Jupiter on 040301 23:36 UT Jupiter as seen through my LX200 just before midnight on 1st March 2004. The upper image is in normal visible light, the lower is imaged in infra-red light.
The innermost Galilean satellite, Io, is also visible.
Jupiter on 040301 Two images of Jupiter taken 1 hour 25 minutes apart. The rotation of Jupiter is obvious. The images also show the satellite Io and the movement of this over the period is also evident. (Io was very faint in the second image and I have had to enhance it slightly to make it clearly visible.)
Jupiter on 040224 For a long time I thought it was impossible to capture the belts on Jupiter and the satellites in a single exposure. I was wrong.
Date and Time: 24th February 2004, 00:20 UT
Camera: ToUcam 740K
Telescope: 10-inch LX200 classic
Capture: K3CCDTools, 614 frames, high gamma, high saturation, 1/50", 22% gain
Processing: Registax, 177 frames stacked, wavelets 3-6 = 5, gamma 0.3
[Callisto is there, but it is very faint. The magnitudes were Io 5.2, Europa 5.5, Ganymede 4.8, Callisto 5.9.]

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