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Raising funds for:
The Liver Cancer Trust Fund

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Would you like to have your team garments embroidered with the team logo? Would you like to find a gift for a friend which is made especially for them?

As a patient of the Liver Unit, University Hospital Birmingham, I am very keen to raise money for their Liver Cancer Trust Fund. One way I do this is to offer a bespoke embroidery service; all profits are donated to the fund.

I can convert your logo or text into an embroidery design and stitch up to six thread colours per design. I have a wide variety of fonts, including braille and morse code. Speciality threads available to use include Glow-in-the-dark and SolarActive thread.

I only charge per item; there is no separate set-up charge. This means that small runs of only a few items are still cost-effective.

Some examples of my work are shown below.

Additionally, I have some standard designs on offer; some of these can have your own text included.

Samples of Work

Specific products can be seen here.

For more information, or enquiries, contact me by email:

Karina AT

The Liver Cancer Trust Fund is a fund which has been set up under the umbrella of UHB Charities. Click on these links to read Part 1 and Part 2 of my story.

I would like to thank Paul Gordon of for hosting this site.

The small print:
You must own the copyright for designs you ask me to digitise or have the permission of the copyright holder. For example, I cannot convert well-known designs such as Disney characters.

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